Ideas for Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

Munchery is a business with a mission to “make it ridiculously easy to put a delicious, high-quality meal on the table in just a few minutes”. Launched in the Bay Area it is growing and recently raised $28 million to continue its mission. Next stop? Seattle. As they grow, they are looking to grow their talent base. As we shared in our Puget Sound Tech Recruiting Trends Survey the top recruiting method that resulted in a successful hire is employee referrals. Munchery has taken this into consideration when it comes to their recruiting efforts. They are asking employees and the people that already know their services and brand to refer engineers. And if it is a successful engagement the referrer will receive free dinners for a year. You can check it out here. They are also using their blog to share not only the job description but what it is like to work for the company. Zappos recently launched a similar endeavor in an effort to share the company’s culture and learn about candidates before making the new hire. We recently talked about this idea and more on our blog: Check out: how to assess a candidate’s cultural fit and how to vet a candidate versus a resume.

Another company, Exact Electric, a Seattle based electrician company is offering folks who refer a journeyman electrician $500 if the engagement is successful for over 60 days. Candidates can be referred by employees, clients, friends, family, colleagues and also be self-referred.

You may have also heard about Starbucks’ efforts to attract and retain talent. They are offering a free college education to employees nationwide through Arizona State University’s online program. The company’s goal is to provide a sustainable wage and the ability to achieve a college education without going into debt. The initiative provides employees who work at least 20 hours a week with the option to receive full tuition reimbursement.

We’d like to hear from you! What are you doing to incent employees or other brand ambassadors to refer top talent? What are you doing to retain talent? We will be sharing more tips on this topic as well as how to build a talent pipeline so that you have the talent you need when you need it here on our blog.

Recruitment Planning: Respect Thy Candidate

Every potential customer that comes in contact with an organization should feel informed, respected, and walk away with an overall positive impression of the experience. This is how relationships are developed and how customers are won. Few would argue with these basic tenets of conducting good business. Why is it then that these concepts are often forgotten when recruiting new employees?

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Identifying HR Best Practices

As a business owner, you most likely spend considerable time and effort in your organization identifying the sales, marketing and customer service best practices that attract, acquire and retain happy customers. Do you extend this same analysis and information capture to the human resource aspects of your business? How might doing so increase revenue?

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Social Networking: What Are Your Employees Saying About You?

What do you do when you discover employees are discussing company issues on social networking sites such as Twitter or Facebook?  Do you shudder at the thought or reel with excitement?  Potential clients and employees know more about your company than ever before (whether you have officially embraced social networking or not). Companies and employees alike need to understand social networking is about authenticity, transparency and insight into a company’s culture. These channels create dialogue that can promote an organization’s products and workplace as well as enhance or damage careers.  One can’t control who might be “listening”.  Check out: Read more about social networking

Best Recruiting Practices During a Down Economy

By now, most recruiting managers are dealing with the impact the economic downturn has had on both recruitment and talent management. During the “good ol’ days”, hiring managers and recruiters spent a majority of their time seeking out the best talent from small candidate pools. Now, we have large candidate pools coupled with a limited number of openings and in some cases, no openings. How can you make sure your organization’s recruitment practices are aligned with current economic challenges and your business goals? Read more best recruiting practices

Taking Advantage of Down Times

Operating in a tight economy can undoubtedly be challenging but organizations can take steps to not only operate effectively now but better position themselves for the future.  What if companies took advantage of these down times to improve their workforce efficiency in order to come out of these tough economic times stronger and more focused?  Read more about workforce efficiency

Recruiting Through Social Networks

Netpop, a Market Research firm, recently released a study indicating that social networking has increased 93% since 2006. Microsoft is piloting a new online recruitment campaign for the Entertainment and Devices Division that includes built-in connections to the top social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Intel has taken it a step further by posting its Social Media Guidelines online and  encouraging employees to get involved in social media activities on the company’s behalf. Read more about social network recruiting